New Half-Year Resolution!!

Forget New Year Resolutions, it's time for another.....Half Year Resolution!!! I usually do Quarterly Resolutions, but my gaming list made me change this. Didn't realize how big it would grow.

This quarter's resolution is to finish a bunch of games that I grew up with but quit before beating them. For the next three months, I shall play and defeat these games in this order:

1. Final Fantasy VIII (Only made it to disc 2)
2. Illusions of Gaia (Used to watch my dad play it, got about 1 hour into it myself)
3. Final Fantasy IX (Only made it to the end of disc 1)
4. Metal Gear 1 & 2 (Old school Metal Gear, not Solid. Back when Big Boss was evil)
5. Donkey Kong Country I & II (Old times in the basement...)
6. Lufia & Lufia II (A lot of memories with these games, that's why I'm saving them for last)

9 games across 6 months. This shouldn't be too hard.......should it? *gulp*

On a serious note though, should I even finally defeat all of these? Will doing so destroy the mysterious feeling I have when I think of these games? Or will I like them even more? I remember watching my brother play Metal Gear Solid, never watched him beat it. Wondered for a long while what it was like and had a shroud of mystery surround it. So, I played and beat it. Now it's one of my favorite games of all times. I hope these turn out the same.

Tired of this shit.

I logged into Facebook and saw a friend's status that read as follows:

"I wanna be the girl he's scared to lose. The one where he cant walk away from knowing she's mad at him, the one who can't fall asleep without hearing her voice. The one he CAN'T live without!"

Am I the only one tired of this bullshit? Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like wants someone either clingy or creepy? "...the one who can't fall asleep without hearing her voice.
The one he CAN'T live without!" Just wow. What happens if she dumps his ass? Ever wonder what the formula for a stalker is, ladies? This shit! Why the fuck do women write this crap and then play the victim when they dump someone who fit the description they just gave? Notice how "someone who understands me", "someone who will be there for me", "someone who betray me", or even "someone who won't hurt me" isn't even in there? Aren't those qualities a bit more important than, "Oh no, she's mad at me! Nooooo!"

Priorities, wakka wakka wakka. XD

Rest in Peace Nanny

The wake in Yuma was nice, everyone in town that knew her was there.  Mom, Aunt Janet, Sean, Dustin, and I all got up to share what impact she has had on all of our lives.  I will always remember our trips to the Zoo, staying up late talking about her past (surviving the Great Depression, WWII, meeting Pappy, raising my twin mother and aunt), seeing her for Thanksgiving, celebrating my birthday around Thanksgiving instead so she could be a part of it, and her most awesome Puppy Chow mix.  I will miss her warm smile.  I will miss her soft voice.  I will miss wondering when she'll randomly write me a letter on the stationary I get her for x-mas.  I guess I'll just miss everything about her.  Goodbye, Nanny.  I will always love and cherish the time I was able to spend with you.

From her obituary:

    Mildred "Millie" Steadman White, 90, passed away Thursday, April 23, 2009 at Life Care Center of Yuma. She was born on June 21, 1918 in Trent, Texas to Walker Franklin and Asha Gafford Steadman. Mildred was a seventh generation Texan. She graduated from Trent High School as Valedictorian and went on to attend, Texas State College for Women, Abilene Christian College and Texas Tech College. She was a teacher at Goodman High School, a legal secretary for a Vernon law firm and a financial case worker for the Texas Department of Human Resources. She was a Federal Civil Service employee for many years, which included work at Camp Barkeley, San Jacinto Ordinance Depot, and Camp J.T. Robinson (Arkansas) during WWII. She later worked for the Small Business Administration, Social Security and the Department of Defense in Marshall, Texas. Mildred married Warren M. White in 1946. She lived in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi for many years, retiring in Abilene in 1985. She moved to Yuma in 2007. Mildred was a dedicated member of the Church of Christ for over 80 years. Her life was centered on her love of her family, church and friends. Mildred is survived by her twin daughters, Janet Lee White of Mahwah, New Jersey and Joan White Snyder of Yuma; grandchildren, Sean Warren Snyder of Yuma, Jared Michael Snyder of El Paso, Texas; two great nieces and four great nephews, along with a host of treasured friends. Mildred was preceded in death by her husband, Warren; parents, Walker and Asha Steadman; brothers, Foy B. and John K. Steadman. A visitation will be held at Johnson Mortuary on Saturday, April 26, 2009 at 5:00 p.m. Her final resting place will be at Trent Garden of Memories Cemetery, Trent, Texas at a later date.
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RIP Jamie

Jamie was a championship breed boxer that came into my family's life back in '04.  Since then, we've all fallen in love with his neurotic yet cute expressions.  I found out that last week, he had to be put to sleep.  Within the last year, he's had water constantly filling his abdominal region.  He had to be put on daily diuretics to release the water and live a happy life.  It was going well until one night he just went from normal to unbearable pain.  Mom finally made the call and held him while he slowly went to sleep for the last time.  He will certainly be missed, and the house will feel more empty without him.
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Votebot Backfire/Pwnage

There has been a surge of down voting of non-christian (atheist, wiccan, etc) videos/channels on youtube by votebots.  What was the result?  After collaborated responses by said accounts, the end result was users who subscribed to major non-christian channels were introduced to new or unknown channels.  The collaborative videos turned into introductions, which lead to massive subscriptions to each down voted user.  Many users even report receiving new subscribers in the hundreds within just a short amount of time.  So what did these votebots achieve?  A much more unified opponent.  Talk about a major backfire + pwnage.  Many users affected by down-voting votebots have actually came out and thanked the votebot for its vain attempt to suppress their views, resulting in a larger audience.  I, myself, have found some new channels to subscribe to and would like to thank the votebots myself for their immature and dumb move.  Thank you, you dumb fucks.  lol
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What is it about music that we humans enjoy so much?  Is it the feeling of the waves on our ear drums?  Is it the vibrations of the drums in our rib cages?  Why do I feel like listening to Marilyn Manson one moment, and then Yanni or Buddha Bar the next?  What is it about music that makes us dream so much?  Is it the uncontrolled or even repetitious flow of the sound that drives us to imagine?
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Hating people is easy, but since I'm tapped out of love (and we all know who to thank for that), it's all I have left..........

.........I hate you, Apple!  Stop suing your customer base for jail-breaking iPhones!!!!! DX
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